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MİCHELANGELO (Pegasus Library) by Stefanie Penck

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Tour two of the world's most artistic cities through the creations of one of the greatest artists.

Evidence of Michelangelo's genius is scattered throughout Italy, especially in the historic cities of Rome and Florence. This illustrated "tour" of Michelangelo's works in Rome and Florence takes readers through St. Peters in Rome, home to his magnificent Pieta carved out of white marble, the striking cupola of the basilica, and the tomb of Pope Julius II, which was never completed. It offers exquisite views of the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel and the statue of the Redeemer in the church of Santa Maria sopra Minerva. In Florence, the book explores Michelangelo's masterpiece David and the Medici Tombs, among others. The informative text, accompanied by fifty color and black-and-white illustrations, will captivate aficionados of Michelangelo as well as fans of the cities of Rome and Florence.

  • Stefanie Penck
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    Yazar Stefanie Penck
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